Instead of sleeping in on National Day in preparation of the lazy day ahead, 9th August 2012 marked the first time many young people like myself woke up bright and early to head to Scape Youth Park in order to take part in the meaningful “Stand Up for Our Singapore” movement. Created out of love for Singapore’s elderly and mothers who are sometimes overlooked on public transport, the movement aimed to mobilise the rest of society to encourage each other to go the extra mile to care for each other, starting with these two precious groups of people by standing up for them on buses and trains.

On National Day 2012, we are calling out to all Singaporeans to take a stand for our Singapore. To start a movement of optimism and love, for our elders that have made Singapore what it is today, and for our mothers who are raising our next generation.

In the heart of our urban jungle lies a forest grown not from grey, dull, and gritty concrete, but from vividly illustrated, lovingly coloured picture books. An unusual sight, you might think. In fact, this is no virgin forest – it’s the second.

What’s ice cream to you? Find out more with Creamier, nestled in the heart of Toa Payoh.

Calling all aspiring student photographers!

St Andrews Secondary School is organising a youth photography competition themed - 'Heart of the School', in collaboration with the National Geographic Store@Vivocity. Students are encouraged to explore the theme, examples include : an expression of school pride or a peek at the often unseen daily operation of the school.