We chat with the talented MessyMsxi, 25, on her passion for art and the important message she shares with the audience with her latest exhibition “Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage”.

MessyMsxi's first solo exhibition, "Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage" is a moving portrait of pain, suffering, perseverance and process - told through the eyes of young acrobats who embody a beginner's fighting spirit in the face of failure.

You'll find yourself wishing you could reach into the canvas to prevent an acrobat's fall, or nursing your own palms with empathy as you gaze at the bruises that mark theirs.

"Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage" is on daily from 12noon-8.30pm until 15 April, at Old School, The Art Studio, 11B Mount Sophia.

In No plain Janes Part 2, we join Jane Hia, owner of Kith Café, at her corner of Rodyk Street to find out what keeps that brilliant smile on her face and the secret of Kith that keeps customers coming back for more!



Jane Fong, 27, of A87 Café and Bar, and Jane Hia, 26, of Kith Café, are both Singaporean, first-time café owners and incredibly driven women. However, that’s where the similarities end. YOLO speaks with these two unique individuals in separate interviews. Read more to find out why YOLO supports their culinary crusades!

In Part 1, we speak with Jane Fong. Beyond her sweet and cheery appearance, this young entrepreneur embodies tenacity and a fierce passion for... cosplay!

If you could capture the vibrant spirit of Youth in a moment and paint a portrait of a generation with the click of a button – what is the story you will share?

YOLO encourages all young shutterbugs to take part in the "Celebration of Youth" competition to flaunt your photography chops and pick up new skills to hone your creative talent.