In conjunction with the Reflection: youth photo competition and exhibition in May and June 2009, YOLO invited everyone at the launch to put in their quotes to "If Life were a Pencil..." and the winners stood a chance to win a limited edition YOLO t-shirt! 
After much consideration... we are pleased to announce the winners!

We had a great time at "i have designs on you" the graduation show for SIM students over at the OLD SCHOOL.


Visual Artist Luthfi Mustafah aka The Killer Gerbil who collaborated with YOLO on the Keep the Dream Alive exhibition back in December 2008 has kindly granted us an email interview! Check it out here.

By the way, if you like the above illustration on canvas, it is for sale! Its proceeds will go to the Business Times Budding Artist Fund. Email us to enquire.

The Reflection exhibition at the National Geographic Store has been extended till 14 June 2009.

Congrats on your passionate effort to fight for what you believe. We believe too... YOLO.