In the heart of our urban jungle lies a forest grown not from grey, dull, and gritty concrete, but from vividly illustrated, lovingly coloured picture books. An unusual sight, you might think. In fact, this is no virgin forest – it’s the second.

It has been a while since I have had a conversation - like a real conversation - with a child.  So when I set off to interview and photograph YOLO’s Keep the Dream Alive Children’s Category 1 Winner, Ethan Chua, I had no idea what to expect.

Stepping into Ethan’s world for the first time, his parents, Elizabeth and Alvin, both teachers, greeted me warmly as I took in the dazzling display of artworks lovingly tacked to the walls.

In conjunction with the Reflection: youth photo competition and exhibition in May and June 2009, YOLO invited everyone at the launch to put in their quotes to "If Life were a Pencil..." and the winners stood a chance to win a limited edition YOLO t-shirt! 
After much consideration... we are pleased to announce the winners!

More than 300 invited guests filled the National Geographic Store at VivoCity for the launch of Reflection, a youth photo competition and exhibition organized by South Zone Centre of Excellence-Design, National Geographic and supported by an entire community of concerned organizations.

Congrats on your passionate effort to fight for what you believe. We believe too... YOLO.