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Welcome to the YOLO SOUL collaboration.

YOLO joins SOUL BIKES, the designers of custom bicycle frames, road wheel sets and components, whose products have attracted a following both among the local and international biking community. Soul bikes are not your cookie-cutter variety, each product is painstakingly designed, developed, tested and assembled with a passion to marry design aesthetics and biking pragmatics.
Soul Searchin'
Meet Soul founder Sean Wei, a paradox of restlessness and calm, giving his take on design, biking and all that matters in life. Sean has taken part in many international races, and is always on the alert for the next challenge on the horizon. He insists that boredom drives him to the next design, an unpredictable wish list that includes shoes, bicycle frames and watches (and who knows what's next?). Sean personifies a stubborn drive for perfection, matched curiously by a laid-back nonchalance, as he soldiers on, unperturbed by the pace of the world.

How did Soul come about?
I started Soul in 2003. I used to work for others but I got bored, and decided to do my own thing. Bicycles outperform humans, and go well beyond our limits, which fascinates me. I like to bike and decided to customize my own bike frames because I needed to challenge myself further.
What does Soul represent?
Soul designs bicycle frames and the frame represents the soul of a bicycle. Nothing rides faster, more comfortable and longer than a perfectly fit frame.

Why ride?
Biking is a form of meditation for me. I first started biking in my childhood days in Malaysia, and never stopped since. I like to take part in races because they give you goals to work towards, it's a way I constantly challenge myself and not get stuck in a rut.
Why design?
Design is a long and painful process. There are no right answers. You can expect a long period of testing for each design - that can range from six months to one and a half years. Along the way, you make mistakes, get jaded for a while, and then grit your teeth and continue the journey. Just the paintwork for this collaboration took two months.

The Ride Outfit:
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