The Killer Gerbil speaks!

How did you come to be an illustrator?
I have loved drawing ever since I can remember and there's nothing else I have wanted to do in my life. There's not a single day in life that I don't draw and I hope it goes on.

Why did you call yourself 'The Killer Gerbil'?
I was inspired by my pet gerbils and created something close to my heart creating the fictional character I call my own. I came out with the name The Killer Gerbil as it is a street rat that goes onto empty spaces and kills it with colors. Nothing gory like it sounds.

What made you into the person you are today? 
My parents have always been supportive in my art and that's important. It made me focused and believe in whatever I'm doing not just as an artist but to live my life daily as a person.

Describe your distinctive illustrative style.
I am obsessed with bare space and line works therefore my style. Recently I'm into much loose line drawings and I'm enjoying the flow.

Can you show us your favorite piece of work and tell us why you love it so much?
I've too many favorite artworks that I can show because there's always great art been produced every single second out there.

What inspired you while illustrating for 'Keep the Dream Alive'?
I'm an 80s kid and my influences are from cartoon, MTV, pop cultures and lifestyles. For "Keep The Dream Alive" artwork I infused the funky colors and elements from urban art to create "Funksoulova" with the iconic Killer Gerbil character last but not least.

'You Only Live Once'... what does it mean to you?
To live every second of your life to the fullest and take chances when opportunity knocks at your door.

Any last thoughts... (to a audience or aspiring illustrators)?
Originality is the key.

And here is a special edition artwork for YOLO! Thanks, Killer Gerbil!