It seems all designers wake up late...

For all those who came to hear me share my thoughts thanks for your kind attention. Just want to use this time to add to what i shared. 

Is it true all designers wake up late... A number of you did raise your hands to that question and I want to say thank you to those honest folk. For those of you who don’t wake up late, do send in your resumes to

Here is my take “designers wake up late” cos:-
• there is too much work
• the deadlines were all yesterday
• inability to trust the other designers so you gotta do it yourself
• boss only can afford 1 designer
• have not slept in days, gone without food nor water also
• we think best in the middle of the night without distractions
• we are just different from the regular folk
• don’t need sleep at all

Whatever the reason, The question is, is it ok to wake up late? As for me, I kind of woke up late in life. I was one of the shortest in class until secondary 3, I am a slow learner and did not do too well in school, I did not know exactly what I really wanted to do even after graduating from doing visual communication in a local polytechnic. To be honest, the journey has been interesting and it has not ended. I think its really about doing what I love and discovering where the road takes me. I love branding, corporate identity, packaging and I dabble with advertising as I love concepts. What's important to me is waking up to fun filled adventure which design provides.

So if you are a late riser like me... Don’t be too hard on yourself. Enjoy the journey and meet with adventure as they present themselves.

To all those who came, thank you. You inspire me. If you learned something that day, please do share with me what inspired you and if so, what you are going to do with that inspiration.

See you on the road.

Let’s YOLO.
Kevin Thio