YOLO's 'Keep the Dream Alive' unfolds

Tiny blinding bolts of camera flashes greeted those who by came near the vicinity. Families darted from one wall to the next, and with sudden halts shrieked with delight. Parents beamed as they gazed at framed splashes of color and happy shapes that said: I dream big. Their winning kids mostly euphoric, some oblivious, all quite delightful for the attention.

Then the moment arrived to acknowledge those who could tell with their art what it is to Keep The Dream Alive. The dizzifying din of more than 100 people was hushed. 54 winners, from three categories gathered in the energy-filled gallery at Toa Payoh Hub. As each one of them were called to receive their award and prizes from YOLO, Tahmazo, Sushi Tei, Adobe Systems, Basheer Graphic Books and Studio Harobee, a certainty came to be: these children have become ambassadors of hope and dreams through their art. 

The purpose of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund to create awareness in the community to seek and give every artistically gifted child – who might otherwise be denied the opportunity, a chance to explore their potential, has come to fruition. Proceeds from the competition, all $8,000 of it, will be used for comprehensive arts training programmes for five to twelve year olds.

As the ceremony ended, elated winners were told that their works will be exhibited at The Arts House from 3 November 09 to 16 November 2009. Everyone walked away with a sense of greater possibility, the winners, the founders of the programme and even those who were merely there to watch. YOLO's Keep The Dream Alive will surely move mountains one day.

Written by Louise Bolo

The event was also covered in the Business Times on 13 July 2009.
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