YOLO raises $8,000 for cancer patients

It began as a unique corporate gift to clients and industry peers, but we quickly decided to carry forth the ethos of The Empty Box with The Empty Box Christmas Charity Drive.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard about The Empty Box: A Christmas Tale of Beautiful Intentions, it is Yellow Octopus'
very first fictional book about an abandoned gift box’s heartwarming discovery of the true value of giving.

Narrated with childlike sincerity, The Empty Box speaks volumes on the significant value of selfless acts. The vibrant illustrations that fill the book’s 44 pages, give added dimension to this story for all ages..

Headed by Yellow Octopus’ team of 8, YOLO appealed for donations from everyone we knew, to sponsor $50 food vouchers for needy cancer patients under Assisi Hospice’s care. We also sponsored copies of the book to the first 80 donors as a thank you for their generosity.

Gift Set

Within its 10-day span, The Empty Box Christmas Charity Drive raised a total of $8,000!

Thank you all who sponsored the food vouchers – you have brought such joy to the patients and families this Christmas with your overwhelming response.

The final cheque presentation to Assisi Hospice was held on Monday, 21 December 2009, with YOLO holding a special book reading, caroling and craft session with the child patients present. The kids were awesome fun and everyone had a wonderful and meaningful time.

The Empty Box book reading session

This has truly been a rewarding experience for us all, and may we continue to strive to do good with beautiful intentions!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

We wish you joy, hope and courage to make more dreams come true in 2010.

Let’s YOLO!

You can visit www.assisihospice.org.sg if you wish to donate directly to Assisi Hospice.

For book distribution and media enquiries, kindly contact info[at]theemptybox.sg and visit www.theemptybox.sg for more details.

We have just received the good news from Assisi Hospice that The Empty Box Christmas Charity raised a grand total of $9,700 after the final tally! That's more than what we had happily announced ($8,000) before Christmas, and we cannot say THANK YOU enough to all who supported and gave with their whole hearts.

This is excellent news to kickstart the new year. We hope your 2010 is proving to be rewarding too, and that you will continue to share your beautiful intentions with the joy of giving!