The Little Drom experience

The first moment I catch sight of The Little Dröm Store, it is magic, like an unexpected smile. The windows of this new gallery shop glow with warmth from the corner of Ann Siang Hill, and I hurry to the bright lights with anticipation.
Conceptualised by owners Stanley Tan, 29, and Antoinette Wong, 25, The Little Dröm Store is filled with carefully selected vintage cameras, stationery and an array of other unique accessories.

Stanley was an Art Director, and Antoinette a Graphic Designer, before they both decided to take the risk of leaving their full time jobs to pursue their dream.

“We have always wanted to create a space where people can come and be inspired, revisit childlike wonder and just enjoy the little things in life,” shares Antoinette.

Both have been intrigued by vintage knick-knacks and have been collectors most of their lives. When this retail space became available last year, the recently engaged couple took a leap of faith despite the bad economy to set up their dream retail cum gallery space.

“Dröm” literally means “dream” in Swedish; A name aptly chosen for the store’s intent and also because of Antoinette’s affinity for all things Swedish.

“I just like the whole culture, the creativity and the fact that the Swedes don’t talk about work over lunch,” she laughs.

Many of their books and items are sourced from all over the region and Europe, but some photography and illustration books are produced inhouse under their publishing arm, The Little Dröm Press.

I pick up a thin, blue book and Stanley reveals that the illustrations in them are by his own father, who is a local tour guide but has been drawing every single day since Stanley can remember. Immediately, the pages take on new meaning. These sketches may not have been by an artist, but they certainly belonged to a dreamer – making them even more inspiring.


New discoveries beam from the pine shelves at each turn, and as my tour ends, it is clear that almost every item in this store has its own tale.

Life should be about the pursuit of dreams, the devotion to forgotten passion and YOLO is glad there are places like The Little Dröm Store in Singapore. It is a welcome cocoon for the soul to bask in little wonders life seemingly forgot and hopefully, emerge a dreamer too!  Just like The Little Dröm Store, let’s make it count!

The Little Dröm Store is located at 7 Ann Siang Hill. Visit their website at