Worth every minute

Amidst the lush greenery of Mt. Sophia, lies a humble tale of strength and dogged perseverance told through art.

MessyMsxi's first solo exhibition, "Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage" is
a moving portrait of pain, suffering, perseverance and process - told through the eyes of young acrobats who embody a beginner's fighting spirit in the face of failure.

You'll find yourself wishing you could reach into the canvas to prevent an acrobat's fall, or nursing your own palms with empathy as you gaze at the bruises that mark theirs.

The acrobats' learning journey is told with quiet grace, and MessyMsxi draws you swiftly into their world, which is at once bold and beautifully fragile.

For an honest and heartfelt map of the path to success, make a trip down to Old School this weekend. "
Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage" will be worth every minute of your time.

YOLO speaks with MessyMsxi on her own personal journey in an exclusive interview coming soon!

"Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage" is on daily from 12noon-8.30pm until 15 April, at Old School, The Art Studio, 11B Mount Sophia.