A delightful MessyMsxi


We chat with the talented MessyMsxi, 25, on her passion for art and the important message she shares with the audience with her latest exhibition “Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage”.

YOLO: What do you love most about art?

MessyMsxi: The fact that Art is able to inspire and touch people is amazing. Artists spend so much time and dedication in creating what essentially are gifts to the world. I enjoy reading and watching documentaries about other artists' work, processes and stories. It is always very inspiring when I find out more about their lives and what spurs them on. To me, every art piece is precious because each is a looking glass into the artist's life, work and passion.

YOLO:  What are your inspirations?

MessyMsxi: I find beauty in the vernacular, I enjoy watching documentaries and I find misadventures intriguing. My personal mishaps and self-reflections are crucial to me as it often spins off into ideas for my projects. To me, being able to smile or laugh about an unfortunate incident really helps make life that bit lighter. Especially when I address serious topics in my work, I always hope to bring across a kind of humour and a smile to the audience.

YOLO: What keeps you going as an artist in this world?

MessyMsxi: I am motivated by the fact that I am able to make a difference in society; that through my illustrations I am able to communicate and share worthy issues. Drawing is definitely my passion, and being able to build my career upon my passion is a blessing.

YOLO:  Could you share any hurdles you’ve championed in your personal journey?

MessyMsxi: Everyday there is some sort of struggle to face. My only chance to peace is really placing my faith in God, trusting Him to put me at the right place at the right time. It takes faith to press on and wait for doors to open, and I believe there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I always know that there are people in tougher positions than I and that helps me realise that whatever I am facing can be overcome, eventually.

YOLO: What is the message you want people to walk away with from your current exhibition?

MessyMsxi: This series seeks to encourage all who trudge the tough road. It is a celebration of process, a reminder that it is ok to fail, to make mistakes, to endure painful and long procedures. What is utmost important is never letting go of the fighting spirit, to hang onto the passion and excitement to do things as when we first started. I hope the audience gets reminded that they are not alone in their challenges and that unknowingly there is an invisible community working hard together. I hope that can bring them some comfort.

YOLO:  You only live once. What does that mean to you?

MessyMsxi: To me, life is precious and I have to make it meaningful not just for myself, but what I can give to others as well. My personal mantra is by Yoshitomo Nara, 'Never forget your beginner's spirit'.

YOLO loves MessyMsxi's spirit!
Be sure to catch the last 3 days of her first solo exhibit.

"Ten Years of Work for Every Minute on Stage" is on daily from 12noon-8.30pm until 15 April, at
Old School, The Art Studio, 11B Mount Sophia.