Standing up for the people who matter

On National Day 2012, we are calling out to all Singaporeans to take a stand for our Singapore. To start a movement of optimism and love, for our elders that have made Singapore what it is today, and for our mothers who are raising our next generation.

On 9th of August, 11am at Scape Youth Park, the YO team will be volunteering at the ‘Stand Up For Our Singapore’ event, which aims to show love and graciousness to the mothers and elderly of our nation.

We are choosing to take a stand for them on our public transport system, to contribute to a culture that we can be proud of. Surely we can create a public transport system that is amazing not just because it has first class infrastructure, but also because we inhabit and serve a first class community. We wish to see Singaporeans build habits of graciousness and community awareness, and are eager to do our part in making this happen.

Join us to make waves and transform the culture of Singapore!

Sign up as a volunteer and come say hi to us at the event!